Pamela Swider

Founder and Manager

Pam Swider, our founder, is a survivor of sexual assault and has used this experience to help others heal.

After getting through her own healing process, she wanted to reach out and help others.   She began making jewelry to increase awareness about sexual violence.  Soon after she reached out to donate some of that jewelry to the benefit for Take Back the Night Ann Arbor.  She then saw this as an opportunity to reach the community and campus and help survivors celebrate their journey to wellness.

Ms. Swider uses her experience in marketing and organization to make the events we do run smoothly.  She also currently runs her own business as a wedding officiant helping couples make their dreams come true.

Thomas Swider

President and Treasurer

Tom Swider, our President, has worked hand in hand with his wife Pamela to give back and help those affected by sexual violence.   He understands that in order to change rape culture, men must be a part of the solution to this problem and involved in the forefront.

Mr. Swider has years of experience in the advertising world and uses this to help gain attention to the events that we hold.

He is also a trained martial artist with experience in a variety of styles.  He uses a unique approach when teaching, factoring in the ability and strength of his students and showing them how to use that to their advantage. 

It is important to Mr. Swider to be a voice for those who are loved ones of those who have been assaulted and to let them know how to best help 




Our Amazing Board of Directors

The Backbone of Our Organization

Meghan Dahl, LMSW – Vice President

Quinn Davis – Secretary

Karasten Birge – Director

Kelly Guerin – Director

Hayley Walton – Director


We couldn’t do this work without the volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and tears to this cause.  From students at the University of Michigan to community members in Southeast Michigan, we come together to take a stand against sexual assault.